Friday, June 3, 2011

GREAT NEWS! I have just arranged a new studio space fro my furniture and sculpture work! In a week or so, I will be setting up shop at Lyndon Street Artworks in Greensboro, NC. I have a space thts twice the size of my current (albeit) free) space, but much better power and ventilation, floorspace and flexible storage, and all of this just 5 minutes and 2 miles from the house (as opposed to the old set-up which was 20 minutes and 12 miles from home). I couldn't be more tickled!

I start a new job on monday in a tradeshow and exhibit design company here in Greensboro, and this will enable me to afford the new digs. the new studio is in a larger building that houses about 20-30 artists of different methods and medium. The creative energy there was palpable on my very first visit; it will be such a joy to be back around other creatives; I get such positive energy from being surrounded by others doing the same (and different) work. It reminds me much of the energy I felt when in graduate school in classes with others that were actively designing, creating and solving problems. It is an absolute necessity for me to be immersed in that soup; no designer exists or survives in a vacuum.


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