Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I spent the weekend (as much as I could) in the new workshop, and got much done. I'm still learning to deal with such a tiny space; it truly requires much planning, especially when you are sharing it with others. I have to remember to budget more time to set up and tear down all of my work, as I can't really leave it out on the table when others are around and need to use the same space. I can safely say that when I am able to relocate to a larger workspace, I will truly be thankful for it.

This is a pic of my latest work: a coffee table (I think) that will probably have a metal leg structure of some type. This is from a series of sketches created in the past year that I haven't gotten around to building just yet. I'm glad it's finally happening though, as this particular piece has taught me much about the way I use upcycled materials from dumpsters. Once again, the entire endeavor comes down to the material's influence over the design process. In design education, we are taught to consider the material throughout the process, which naturally affects the design to some extent. Upcycling, however, is all about the dice you roll when you climb into the dumpster; the material will let you know what's going to happen next, and not a moment sooner. I like to think of it as 'guerilla upcycling'...

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